Cockroaches are well adapted to living in urban environments. They easily squeeze through tiny cracks and can even get into buildings through pipes and drains.

Cockroaches love food – so they tend to be found around the kitchen and other areas that food is prepared and eaten. They feed off scraps and spills.

Their favourite hiding spots are: 

  • Cupboards
  • In drains and grease traps
  • Tight spaces such as in a pantry, under cardboard boxes, under a stack of newspapers/magazines, or behind the fridge
  • Cracks in walls
  • Below sinks
  • Gardens

How can I avoid cockroaches in my home? 

  • Clean up spills quickly
  • Don’t stack newspapers, magazines, or cardboard boxes in the house
  • Regularly clean underneath the fridge, toaster, stove, and other appliances
  • Empty the kitchen bin regularly
  • Make sure food scraps are cleaned off the floor quickly (especially with toddlers around)
  • Store food in sealed containers
  • Don’t leave pet food lying around in pet bowls
  • Fill gaps where cockroaches might get in

Want to prevent or rid of cockroaches?

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